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TilePlans GRIDTILE is the most advanced portable flooring system available today.

Ideal as a temporary to long-term walkway – Super fast and much more cost effective than concrete.

Designed as a super portable and lightweight but tough floor ( it weighs 5 kg per sq metre). It is a modular raised (19mm high) floor tile system that can be used as a fast deploy pathway or floor covering for un-even outdoor ground . It is also proving ideal as a floor protection system for indoors.

Tested extensively throughout the world GridTile is quick and easy to install. The system features a fast fit interlock which is functional on all sides of the tiles allowing you to quickly lay colour coded walkways which can go in various  directions.

We have even included hidden routing for cables where required; electric cables can be safely routed under the flooring. Electric equipment can then be tidily placed anywhere on top of the flooring without cables causing a trip hazard.

It is therefore ideal as an instant floor for marquees, temporary walkways and light vehicle access.

TilePlans GRIDTILE portable flooring is made using a hard composite PVC material designed to be stable in a huge range of temperatures and conditions. The surface is designed to be slip resistant, allowing for drainage of surface water and will allow the grass underneath to breath.

Tile dimensions (at least) – Length :400mm x Width:130mm x H 19mm
Material weight (at least) 5.0kg/ sq. metre

GridTile is made from non-conductive plastics and is resistant to UV light, staining, chemicals and bacteria.
The floor is easy to clean using any commercial floor cleaner.

TilePlans GridTile Walkway 1

TilePlans Motorsport Awning Floor

TilePlans GridTile Walkway



TilePlans HexaTile Budget is a portable loose-laid and fast-fit interlocking tile system designed to create temporary use floors quickly on most flat or un-even surfaces

The 38mm thick tiles are also ideal for ground protection and can support heavy equipment and even light moving vehicles.

The tongue and hook interlock design makes this a super easy and quick fix system, to assemble and dismantle.  You can rapidly create a floor, pathway or roadway high in strength and durability.

The tiles structure and the interlocked design ensures the tiles support each other on all sides.

There are 2 tile options available:

Closed –  Non drainage  design and  Drainage – design to allow for drainage of surface water. Both designs have a Slip Resistant surface finish.

Standard Colours: Medium Grey – also known as ‘Stone’ Grey  Or ‘Oak’ Brown / Terracotta.  Other colours are available to order.

Tile dimensions: 400 mm x 400 mm – equivalent to 0.18 of a Square Metre per tile – 7 tiles are required per Square Metre.

Thickness: 38mm thick

Weight Loading  light traffic up to 2000kg

Product Weight: Approx. Weight is 1.9KG each tile

Packing : We recommend 235 tiles per standard sized pallet

Made from Eco-Friendly recycled Plastic:

HexaTile is made from reinforced heavyweight recycled Plastic. The material is highly Water Resistant and the tiles can even be used under water.

TilePlans HexaTile Interlocking Outdoor Pathway

TilePlans Outdoor HexaTile Temporary Car Park

TilePlans HexaTile design options

TilePlans GridTile Awning Floor

HexaTile ULTIMATE provides the highest structural floor strength possible to allow heavy moving loads up to 95 ton.

• Reinforced heavy-duty construction – 35mm thick
• Hexagonal design creates high strength and fast deploy routing
• Studded tread pattern on surface improves tyre traction even when wet
• No extra fixings or other moving parts are required.

HEXATILE ULTIMATE is designed as a portable heavy duty roadway to provide an instant access route, HEXATILE ULTIMATE is ideal as a quick to deploy vehicle parking area for events and exhibitions.

The tiles are suitable for the most un-even terrains in most weathers and conditions.

The HEXATILE ULTIMATE system will protect your ground from heavy vehicle damage. With a static weight loading of up to 95 tonnes and a mobile loading of 40 tonnes, this is the most impressive portable flooring available.

Huge areas can be covered very quickly by small teams or even 1 man.

TilePlans HexaTile Ultimate Roadway

TilePlans Outdoor Ultimate HexaTile and Ramps




A reinforced spec of HEXATILE ULTIMATE is used to create an instant temporary use or a long term use Helicopter and Aircraft Landing Pad System or ‘HeliPad’.

When laid, the 35mm thick pad system is designed to bed onto the soft ground surface to support the loading of helicopters manoeuvring or vehicles carrying personnel and equipment to and from the aircraft.

The HexaTile fitting on each tile secures the floor on all six sides. Ideal for fast deployment.

OPTIONAL LED LIGHTING INSERTS – For night time use we offer an optional LED insert. The lighting is wireless remotely controlled for take-off and landings and can be switched between a steady beam or a flashing mode.


TilePlans HexaTile HeliPad

TilePlans Outdoor UltimateTile and Ramps

TilePlans HexaTile HeliPad LED

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Quote your ref. number: OT262728