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“As far as we know or are aware – this tile is the ONLY True Antimicrobial tile, which is fully antibacterial throughout the full thickness of the tile, including  the very clever ‘tongue and grooved’ joint – a ‘KILLER JOINT’ to any virus that enters it, and of course the whole surface of the tiling”

Michael Bennett RIBA , Architect and Designer of  the ICC-4 Hygiene system 


Innovative UK based PVC flooring specialist TilePlans offers its AntibacTile  to help fight bacteria such as the notorious MRSA.

The latest in antimicrobial floor systems, TilePlans PVC based floor incorporates an antibacterial system which harnesses the natural sterilising properties of Ionic silver claimed to significantly reduce bacterial and fungus growth.

Independent tests have shown that Antibacterial Floor Surfaces manufactured with the antimicrobial PVC compound can reduce bacterial population by more than 99.8%.

The antimicrobial PVC tiles have been tested according to the JIS Z 2801:2000 standard and are effective against GM+ve and GM–ve bacteria.

The anti-microbial technology is EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) registered and complies with the European Biocidal Products Directive (BPD).  (Enquire for full details of the testing procedure and technical data)

This means that industry and environments such as Sports treatment, hospitals, health centres, food manufacturing  – in fact any area where antibacterial floor surfaces, food hygiene and fighting bacteria is a high priority – can use TilePlans’  antibacterial system as part of their hygiene and antibacterial strategy.

The antimicrobial flooring tiles can help reduce the growth of killer illness causing organisms such as MRSA, E. Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Salmonella.

While this floor does not remove the need for normal cleaning practices, it will provide increased protection between cleaning cycles and represents an excellent complementary measure.

TilePlans specialist cleaning division can also advise on bespoke cleaning regimes and equipment – enquire today.

Specialised Manufacturing.

Unlike coatings or coated products, the antimicrobial PVC Ionic silver is uniformly dispersed throughout our PVC hygienic flooring tiles, ensuring the key performance remains unaffected by scratches and surface abrasion.

TilePlans’ PVC floor tiles interlock to create a complete floor which can be installed quickly and which is easy to clean and maintain.

The hard-wearing tiles offer a durable flooring solution which is also adaptable.  For instance, TilePlans offers a transparent tile which can be used to create health and safety signage on the floor.

Tiles of different colours can be used to separate work areas – You can create demarcation lines with our special line tile product.

“It means people who must give top priority to hygiene can consider heavy duty PVC tiles as a flooring solution.”

TilePlans’ hygienic interlocking PVC tiles are available in four, six and a half,  seven or seven and a half millimeter thicknesses in a range of colours. Bespoke colours are available by special order. Various styles of tile finish include Raised Disc Coin Studded, Dimple Studded, Leather-Grained and Slate varieties.

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