Anti Static Floor Tiles by TilePlans
– a cost-effective ESD Safe flooring

The primary technical reason to choose this form of tile over carpet was to facilitate anti-static. The primary reason to choose TilePlans was availability – their quick turnaround at manufacture allowed us to get the antistatic floor down in time for the move.

Mr Tellis,  RSSB UK, Rail Safety and Standards Board Read more reviews…

TilePlans offer :

Standard tiles – Insulative Grade greater than > 10E12

ESD Range:

TilePlans ESD Floor tiles  – Conforms to:
BS EN 61340-5-1 2007  or equivalent standard S20.20 (US)

Key Features:

  • Interlocking ESD safe Anti Static Floor Tiles
  • Injection moulded Conductive and dissipative PVC tiles system
  • In many colours as standard with No minimum order
  • Certification supplied.
  • Creates an EPA (ESD protected area) instantly in small or large areas
  • Tough, strong and durable floor – Specialist hardwearing – for ESD critical locations
  • No floor preparation required in most cases
  • A modular flooring solution that can be laid without disruption to your business
  • 7 mm thickness / gauge – designed for factory environment able to withstand heavy industrial traffic
  • Industry Specialists – Free Quote & Advice & expert support


Tile dimensions –   500 x 500 mm per tile – 4 tiles per sq metre.

or 333 mm x 333 mm – 9 tiles per sq metre.

Colours –  Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey and Black
– other Bespoke colours available such as blue, Green red – please enquire for more colours.

We have a Huge Range Available.

Finishes – Studded or Smooth 500 x 500mm size tile or 333 x 333mm Hidden Joint designer tile.

Our quality heavy duty floor tiles Can be made in Standard hardness or Soft PVC for Comfort areas.


You can customise your ESD floor covering with TilePlans Anti Static Floor Tiles accessories

Complete your ESD floor design with accessories designed for a professional appearance and to customize your floor to your own requirements.

Edging ramps: 500mm wide and 125mm front to back. Designed to fit around your floor or at doorways, sloped edging ramps are required at access points to avoid a trip hazard. See images on right.

Corner ramps: complete your floor edging ramp at the corners.

Line Marker Tiles: segregate your industrial vinyl floor tiles into separate work areas and create walkways fast. Easily changed when required.

Clear Logo Tiles: New innovative ‘See – through’  Logo Tiles made from tough but clear PVC enable you to include signs within your industrial vinyl floor for health and safety or marketing purposes.

Please note our transparent Logo Tiles, Line-Marker tiles and Sloping Border / Door edge ramps are not ESD specification unless specified.

Grounding Kits:

TilePlans can supply Grounding Kits which includes conductive strips and an earthing plug with cord. Grounding kits are required to be Earthed for every 30 sq.metres of flooring.

Easy to fit and maintain – We also offer an expert installation service and ESD assessment

Further ESD Anti Static Floor Tiles Accessories:


Black Conductive Tubing – Black carbon loaded film

  • Excellent grounding properties
  • ROHS compliant
  • Conform to IEC 61340-5-1
  • Supplied as 1 roll

Earthing Plugs

  • Earthing plugs providing a reliable path to electrical mains earth
  • Wide choice of connections
  • 1MΩ resistor

Straight Cords

Product specifications : Material :  Each cord contains 10 special conductive wires, outer covered with a conductive polyurethane(PU).

Diameter: 2.4mm
Colour: Black
Resistance: 1M- Ω
Options: Other lengths, connections and colours available on request

Heel Grounder Straps.

Slip resistant heel grounder, designed with a fast-fastening buckle and a ribbon for insertion in the shoe.

– Heel grounders are to be worn on an ESD-floor.
– Recommended to be worn on each foot.
– Heel grounders are re-usable and hand-washable.

Properties : Double layer conductive rubber cup : – outer surface : Conductive, Black, surface resistance ≤ 10e5 Ω – inner surface : Antistatic, Each grounder is built in with a 1.5 MΩ resistor.

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Tel: 020 3397 2997

Quote your ref. number: OT262728

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Anti Static Floor Tiles

Quality ESD Floor System suitable for Heavy usageQuality Industrial Flooring

Heavy Duty Studded or Smooth Tile Finishes
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Accessories include Line Marker Tiles
Industrial Vinyl Floor Design

Edging ramps & Corner ramps
Industrial edging ramps Industrial corner ramps

Clear Logo or Sign Tiles
Clear Vinyl LogoTile

Anti-Static Flooring Tiles

Anti Static Floor Tiles Tubing

Antistatic Earthing Plugs

Antistatic Cord

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