TilePlans Interlocking PVC Entrance Matting – The cost effective barrier and Scraper Matting system

“The one and only Matador” by TilePlans

The Matador Barrier Matting system operates as a first line of defence to prevent dirt entering a building.

A ‘MATADOR’ mat at each entrance goes a long way towards achieving this.

It works without the conscious co-operation of the visitor – the corrugated rubber flicks debris from the shoes.

The dirt removed then falls beneath the mat where it remains trapped until taken up by a vacuum cleaner.

Matador matting lasts for MANY years in both internal and external applications.

The mats are tough but remain light and easily handled for removal of trapped dirt and grit by a vacuum cleaner.

Because of the small surface area, dirt will not then be picked up on clean shoes and carried into the building.

If placed outside, the matador may be fixed down to secure. Matador is reversible – doubling the life and wear capacity.

If required, Matador can be sterilized. Ask TilePlans about hygienic options.

The Matador is more efficient and hygienic than fibre or rubber link mats, because dirt is not held in the mat itself.

The success of this mat has been proven by many years of industrial use, also protecting your floor coverings, escalators and lift mechanisms.

Update: You can now  contact TilePlans Matador specialists today for trade prices and a no obligation quotation on replacement Birrus Matador entrance matting and installation if required.

** New in 2012:   TilePlans Modular Matting Tile System – Just Connect! **

Visitor first impressions count, so improve your entrance area with the new TilePlans Modular Matting Tile System.

Keep floors looking clean and tidy – don’t give dirt a chance!
Modular Matting  offers an easy, clean and flexible system for every entrance area. With minimum install down-time, the clean-off zone can be overlaid with modules designed to blend perfectly with their surroundings.

Inserts available :

  • Carpet – Red, Grey or Brown
  • Rubber – Tough, durable and designed to grab dirt and debris

Enabling temporary or Long term use the purpose fitting matting can then be added in no time at all.

TilePlans Matting install team can install the tiles into any shaped matwell or entrance area using safety cutting tools and rubber hammers – No need to close your business!

Dirt remains trapped within the matting – keeping the premises as clean as possible.

TilePlans – Easy – Effective – Flexible.

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Quote your ref. number: OT262728

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Tel: 020 3397 2997

Quote your ref. number: OT262728

Matador close up 1 smallMatador close up 2 small

Matador  entrance

TilePlans Birrus Matador close up and in use

TilePlans Matador – the first line of defence for all businesses

TilePlans Interlocking PVC Entrance Mat
Introducing the new Modular Matting Tile – Interlock and Trim to fit


Carpet Insert Colours: Red, Grey or Brown
TilePlans Carpet Insert RedTilePlans Carpet Insert GreyTilePlans Carpet Insert Brown
Quote your ref. number: OT262728