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TilePlans Commercial Floor Tiles Review

“We have the TilePlans Commercial Floor Tiles on the floor of a busy Scout and Guide headquarters. The underlying floor and walls were very un-even in places. The TilePlans staff went out of their way to make sure everything fitted as neatly as possible.

TilePlans Commercial Floor Tiles

TilePlans Commercial Floor Tiles


The colour design on the floor layout is well used by the children for games and activities.
There is always busy meetings in the hall every night of the week and the floor has stood up to much usage by some very rowdy children!
Well worth the money!”



Upgrade your premises with TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles

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Upgrade your corporate flooring with TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles

The seasonal shutdown of some factories and offices over the Christmas holiday offers an opportunity to upgrade your business premises with a fast-fit TilePlans system of interlocking floor tiles.

Minimizing disruption is key to scheduling improvements so what better time to lay an attractive floor than when your premises are closed or are working with reduced staffing levels?

TilePlans Interlocking Floor Tiles

TilePlans Industrial Floor Tiles

Add a TilePlans floor to your Christmas shopping list to give your premises a face lift and your customers and staff might perceive you starting the New Year full of confidence and enthusiasm.

The TilePlans range of flooring solutions helps you design your floor to meet modern health and safety standards. You can even promote your business and corporate image within the floor thanks to the clear ‘logo’ tile option.

TilePlans LTD is a UK based supplier and installer of specialist industrial and commercial interlocking floor systems

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