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“There is a high volume of traffic coming in and we needed something easy to maintain.
I like it because we could use the bright yellow Line-Tiles to make lines on the floor and we could put in yellow edging ramps as well. We used the line tiles and edging around the MOT bay and it makes a great demarcation area. Health and safety people have been in and are impressed. Everybody is clear about where they can walk and where they can’t.”
George Murray Automotive. Read more reviews…

TilePlans Commercial Flooring Tiles system is proven and ideal for applications including Office, Exhibition and Display floors.

Showrooms and even Gyms and Playrooms can be accommodated as we can adapt the compound of the our PVC tiles at manufacture to accommodate super Hard wearing or Flexible Gym, Leisure and Sports floor surfaces.

TilePlans commercial flooring products and services are designed to help you customize your floor with minimum downtime and represent excellent long lasting value for money.

TilePlans Commercial Vinyl Floor Tiles – Benefits

  • Premium quality vinyl floor tiles manufactured to ISO 9001 standard
  • Quick to fit – rapid assembly minimizes downtime
  • Loose laid – no adhesive required on most floor surfaces
  • Health and safety compliant – design your floor to meet health and safety regulations
  • Portable – take the floor tiles with you if you move premises – top up with additional tiles if your new premises are larger

Standard tile size of 500mm x 500mm – Four vinyl floor tiles per square meter.
Hidden Joint tile size is 333mm x 333mm – Nine tiles per square meter.

TilePlans Commercial vinyl floor tiles – Qualities

  • Oil, chemical and stain resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Insulation effect as a thermal and dust barrier


Design Your OWN Floor – Choose your design, colour and layout

TilePlans Commercial vinyl floor tiles Designs

  • 7mm thick Studded or ‘Raised disc’ floor tiles – Super Durable properties
  • 6.5mm thick Leather-Grain Smooth finish floor tiles
  • 7.5mm Concealed or ‘Hidden’ Joint slate finish floor tiles
  • 7.5mm Concealed or ‘Hidden’ Joint dimple finish floor tiles

TilePlans Commercial vinyl floor tiles ‘Hidden Joint’ Design

While the tight-fitting, interlock of our commercial vinyl floor tiles is hardly visible to the naked eye some customers prefer to be absolutely sure that the interlocks will not be seen.   The ‘hidden joint’ tiles interlock lies under the tile surface so the joint cannot be seen.  The ‘hidden joint’ tile is popular for 2 tone or chequered floor designs.

TilePlans Commercial vinyl floor tiles Colours

The standard colour range is: Black, White, Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Petrol Blue, Dark Green, Red and Yellow.

TilePlans Commercial Vinyl Floor Tiles Accessories

Complete your commercial vinyl floor design plan with TilePlans accessories for a professional appearance and to customize your floor to your own requirements:

Edging ramps:  designed to fit around your floor, edging ramps are required at access points to avoid a trip hazard.

Corner ramps:  complete your floor edging at the corners

Line Marker Tiles: segregate your commercial vinyl floor into separate work areas and create walkways

Clear Logo Tiles: enable you to includes signs within your commercial vinyl floor for health and safety or marketing purposes

Specialist Applications:

We also make ESD Anti-Static PVC Tiles for ESD and electronics areas and Ionic Silver Anti-Bacterial PVC Tiles for Hygienic areas.

A National installation service is available however non-specialists can fit our tiles using instructions provided.

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Used as Commercial Exhibition Vinyl Floor Tiles click here for more imagesCommercial vinyl floor tiles at Race Retro

Commercial Workshop Floor Tile System click here for more images
Commercial Vinyl Floor Tiles in Motorcycle Workshop

Heavy Duty options – Studded or Smooth Finishes
Studded and Smooth Tiles Close Up

Commercial – Designer style Concealed Joint or ‘Hidden Joint’ tile
Hidden hires

TilePlans offer 10 Standard Colours

Commercial Accessories
Edging Ramps     Corner Ramps
Industrial edging ramps Industrial corner ramps

Commercial Demarcation Line Marker Tiles
Industrial line marker tiles

TilePlans See-through Logo Tile
Clear Logo Tile

Click image below for:         Anti-Slip option or Anti-Fatigue option
Commercial Floor Tiles Antislip
Commercial Floor Tiles Antifatigue

Tileplan Icons

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