Gym and Leisure Floor Tiles by TilePlans
– a cost-effective sports flooring solution

“I installed approx. 100 square metres of  Medium Grey Studded tiles over the gym floor on a Sunday. No revenue was lost as the gym operates Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays. I laid the floor in sections, moving gym equipment to make room and then replacing it after the floor tiles had been laid. A carpeting option would have taken three days, as all the equipment would have had to be moved outside and then put back again after fitters had laid the carpet”

Steve Brookes of Spartan Bodyworks, Yorkshire.


TilePlans offer options for Gym Flooring, Sports and Leisure Applications

Gym Flooring, Sports and Leisure Flooring, Playrooms. No mess or fuss involved and excellent durable value for money.

TilePlans Sports Vinyl floor tiles – Benefits

  • Top quality vinyl floor tiles manufactured to ISO 9001 standard
  • Easy to DIY fit and maintenance free
  • Loose laid – no adhesive required
  • Portable – take the floor tiles with you if you move.

TilePlans Sports Vinyl floor tiles – Qualities

  • Stain and even Oil resistant
  • Various levels of hardness for comfort
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Insulation effect as a thermal and dust barrier – no need for underlays.

Design your OWN Floor – create your design, colours and layout

Sports Vinyl Floor Tiles – Designs

  • 4mm thick Budget tile – Dimple studded finish
  • 7mm thick studded or ‘Raised disc’ design
  • 6.5mm thick leather-grain smooth finish tiles
  • 7.5mm ‘Hidden Joint’ slate finish floor tiles
  • 7.5mm ‘Hidden Joint’ dimple finish floor tiles

For people who like to be certain the tile interlocks will not be seen the ‘hidden joint’ tiles interlock under the floor surface.

TilePlans Gym Vinyl floor tiles Colours

Black, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Dark Green, Red, Yellow. Bespoke colours are available to order – Please provide ‘RAL’ number.

TilePlans Vinyl Floor Tiles Accessories

Complete your sports vinyl floor design with accessories for a professional appearance and to customize your floor to your own requirements.

Edging Ramps:  designed to fit around your floor, edging ramps are required at access points to avoid a trip hazard

Corner Ramps:  complete your sports vinyl floor at the corners

Line Marker Tiles: segregate your floor into separate workout areas

Clear ‘Logo’ Floor Tiles enable you to include signs or logos within your sports vinyl floor.


Tel: 020 3397 2997

Quote your ref. number: OT262728

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Tel: 020 3397 2997

Quote your ref. number: OT262728

Garage Conversion with TilePlans Vinyl Floor Tiles
Garage Vinyl Floor Tiles

Quick Install tiles designed to cover problem floors
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Studded & Smooth finish Tiles Close Up
Studded and Smooth Tiles Close Up

Hidden Joint Slate Finish & Dimple Studded options
Slate Finish and Dimple Studded

Gym Vinyl Floor Tiles Colours

Edging Ramps     Corner Ramps
Industrial edging ramps  Industrial corner ramps

Tough and See through Vinyl Logo Tile
Clear Domestic Vinyl LogoTile

Tileplan Icons

Quote your ref. number: OT262728