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“We looked for an industrial floor tiles system that ticked the right boxes, COST – SPEED – DURABILITY
Not only was the TilePlans floor laid quickly without a break in production, it was also malleable to the contours of the old flooring whilst at the same time being easily cut around obstacles yet robust enough for our busy pallet truck and forklift area traffic”
Mr Irons, Noel Tatt Group of Canterbury  Read more reviews…


TilePlans industrial floor tile systems are the ULTIMATE, designed to meet modern health and safety standards and represent excellent long lasting value for money.

Our key components ensure durability and long lasting properties. We are classed as gold standard supplier by our worldwide customers and operate under World Class standards set by major international brands. Results achieved exceed expectations every time.

TilePlans offer a full and expert installation service.


TilePlans Industrial vinyl floor tile – Benefits:

  • Premium quality, heavy-duty – ideal for heavy machinery, heavy loads, even forklift truck traffic proven!
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 standard in the UK
  • Quick to install – minimizes downtime – usable immediately.
  • Loose laid tile – no adhesive required on almost all floor surfaces
  • Health and safety compliant – design your floor to meet health and safety regulations with Lines and Sign Tiles
  • Portable – take the floor tiles with you if you move premises – simply top up with additional tiles if your new premises are larger

TilePlans Industrial Vinyl Floor Tiles – Qualities

  • Oil, chemical and stain resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Insulation effect as a thermal and dust barrier covering

TilePlans offer complete industrial flooring solutions together with a complete floor tile install service. However many clients fit their own floors following instructions.  Tools required are a tape measure, jigsaw to cut tiles to size at perimeters and a rubber mallet to tap the tiles into place at the interlock.

Design Your OWN Floor – Choose your design, colour and layout


Standard tile size of 500mm x 500mm – 4 vinyl floor tiles per square metre.

  • 7mm thick Coin Studded ‘Raised Disc’ vinyl floor tiles with highly durable properties
  • 6.5mm thick Leather-Grain smooth finish vinyl floor tiles.

Our industrial grade rigid vinyl floor tiles are premium quality heavy-duty floor tiles. Made from virgin PVC, they are recommended for applications involving heavy machinery, heavy loads and constant forklift truck use.

12 Standard Colours

Including Black, White, Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Petrol Blue, Signal Blue, Dark Green, Red and Yellow…and many more including made to any bespoke colour match where required.

We can also make the tiles in clear transparent PVC for logo and sign usage (see image)

TilePlans Industrial Floor Tiles UK made Accessories

Complete your industrial vinyl floor design with accessories designed for a professional appearance and to customize your floor to your own requirements.

Edging ramps: 500mm wide and 125mm front to back. Designed to fit around your floor or at doorways, sloped edging ramps are required at access points to avoid a trip hazard. See images on right.

Corner ramps: complete your floor edging ramp at the corners.

Line Marker Tiles: segregate your industrial vinyl floor into separate work areas and create walkways fast. Easily changed when required.

Please note : This is an actual solid Industrial PVC integrated Line Tile – AS DURABLE AS THE TILES ARE. It is NOT a sticky tape or painted line.

Clear Logo Tiles: New innovative ‘See – through’  Logo Tiles made from tough but clear PVC enable you to include signs within your industrial vinyl floor for health and safety or marketing purposes.

Specialist Applications:

We also make ESD Anti-Static PVC Tiles for ESD and electronics areas and Ionic Silver Anti-Bacterial PVC Tiles for Hygienic areas.

Tel: 020 3397 2997

Quote your ref. number: OT262728

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Tel: 020 3397 2997

Quote your ref. number: OT262728

Quality Industrial Flooring System designed for Engineering and Heavy usage click here for more imagesQuality Industrial Flooring

Durable and Easy Clean Workshop Vinyl Tiles click here for more imagesIndustrial Vinyl Floor Qualities 2

Heavy Duty Studded or Smooth Tile Finishes
Studded and Smooth Tiles Close Up

12 colours are available as standard and other colours can be matched by request
Industrial Grade Vinyl Floor Tiles Colours

Accessories include Edging and Line MarkingNote: Our line is an integrated tile and NOT paint or sticky tape.
Industrial Vinyl Floor Design

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Commercial Floor Tiles Antislip
Commercial Floor Tiles Antifatigue

Industrial Flooring Tile Accessories
Edging ramps       Corner ramps
Industrial edging ramps  Industrial corner ramps

Industrial Flooring Line Marker Tiles
Industrial line marker tiles

Clear Industrial Flooring PVC Logo Tiles
Clear Vinyl LogoTile

Tileplan Icons

Quote your ref. number: OT262728